­­­­­­­­­­Project Zaraat
Project Zaraat aims to minimize post-harvest losses and uplift the farming community by enhancing forward linkages through a self-sustaining social enterprise.

The Need

1. India registers Post-harvest losses equal to 40% of India’s total major agricultural produce which amounts to a staggering figure of 92,651 crores.
2. Despite being the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, India ranks as low as 101st on the Global Hunger Index 2021.
3. There exists an approximate gap of 84-99% in the availability of storage and transportation infrastructure in India. Additionally existing storage solutions are expensive, inaccessible and non-eco-friendly.
4. Small and marginal farmers which constitute 86% of the entire farming base in the country are encountered with problems of distress selling and loss of bargaining power at the hands of the middlemen.

The Solution

We aim to tackle this by innovating an affordable and eco-friendly storage solution that extends the shelf-life of the produce by preserving its freshness. This will provide the farmers with a better price realisation while eliminating the problem of post-harvest loss. To further boost the income of the farmers and ensure payment security, we are collaborating with B2B aggregators to eliminate any unnecessary meddling by the intermediaries.