Delhi College of Arts and Commerce also known as DCAC is a prestigious institution of the University of Delhi situated in Netaji Nagar. Since its inception, DCAC has not only achieved academic excellence, but has also laid emphasis on the overall development of a student's personality. The college provides various opportunities in the form of societies and organisations. Enactus DCAC, founded in 2013 is a part of the same endeavour. It not only helps the students to fulfill social responsibilities but also to exercise, and enhance their business skills. Presently, Enactus DCAC is a team of 70 devoted members, who aim to empower local communities through the positive power of social entreprises. The members are on a constant lookout for ideas to devise and implement business models that can make their communities self sufficient. These ideas are then shared in various brainstorming sessions, forums and implemented by the way of various field visits and on-ground work, thus making every effort count.
Enactus DCAC was founded on 1st January 2013. This organisation exists to create concrete change through its projects while preparing its members to succeed in their future careers. It currently has two projects running i.e, Project Taaleem and Project Saahas and four sustained projects. At Enactus DCAC business models are made through following stages: 
Stage 1: Identify a root problem faced by target beneficiaries. 
Stage 2: Brainstorm and decide on solutions. 
Stage 3: Test and refine solutions through research, analysis and prototyping. 
Once the model is designed, the team gets on to the task of implementing the proposed model with the targeted community, thereby progressing on their agenda of development and sustainability