Social Impact

The pyramidical building of Enactus DCAC keeps itself sky high because if it's everstrong, everexpanding three pillars. The first pillar which holds the Enactus DCAC is it's social aspect. Thesocial aspect of Enactus DCAC shows it's forever binded commitment to the upgradation of thesociety. Especially the lagging society, the backwards and the downtrodden. We make businessmodels for social entrepreneurship. Our project Adhikaar is working in the field of socialempowerment by helping them realise their potential and be self sufficient in their own lives andfamilies. Our another project, project kaushal is setting incubation centres for the unskilled andunemployed youth of the society in order to make them self sufficient and get them employment,eliminating the wastage societal potential. We don't believe in sitting in air conditioned cabins.We are not scared of the sun, we step out of our comfort zones in order to reach these sociallydowntrodden people because we know and we understand the most important growth isgrowing together.