Started in 2013, this project tries to showcase the blend of traditional female art with themodern interests of today's women who dream to travel and work toe to toe with men.The different kind of bags stitched by these women are then sold through various e-commerce sites, stall set-ups, and retail chains.Pilot entrepreneurs of the project fromDeepalya in Tilak Nagar, have been organised into a self-help group named 'Sankalp' tocarry their functions smoothly, and are also trained in basic mathematics, spokenEnglish and financial literacy. They have also been taught to use intricate equipmentslike zuki machines for better quality and efficiency. Project Vikalp's biggest achievementhas been a collaboration with the multinational company WH Smith, where a hugenumber of bags are marketed and sold through regular orders. A production unit hasalso been set up with these women, who with the help of various skill developmenttrainings run it in a self-sufficient manner.