Project Taaleem 

"Project Taaleem aims to revolutionize the refugee education through a unique community driven model that engages children with the help of active story based learning"


The Need

1. The primary school enrollment rate of refugees is mere 61% comparing it with 95% globally.
2. Private schools are inaccessible due to high costs and lack of infrastructure.
3. Unqualified teachers and outdated methods of teaching don't act as a pull factor for the refugee children.


The Solution

"Taaleem pioneers refugee children as the changemakers in the society, removing them from the stereotypes and making them a positive force for India"
We, at Taaleem firmly believe that engaging parents, in their children’s education is the key to solving India’s illiteracy problems.
Project Taaleem is a light weight cloud based solution that helps illiterate parents to read stories to their children for the first time.
Storytelling takes the center stage in our solution, which is fundamental to the Early Childhood Development & over time, studies have shown that it is crucial to developing Language, Creativity, Logic & Curiosity. It is an excellent vehicle for promoting and enhancing literacy and language development within families.