Project Saahas 

"Saahas is an umbrella project which aims to provide an end to end support to breast cancer survivors. Initially started with a vision to reduce taboo regarding breast cancer it has now deepened its roots by successfully commercialising a unique cotton based breast prosthesis."


The Need

1. Early detection is quite essential in the treatment of breast cancer but it is still considered to be a taboo.
2. 70% of the breast cancer cases in India are diagnosed in the 3rd or 4th stage necessitating a breast removal surgery or a mastectomy.
3. With 1,65,000 cases every year, the number is all set to double by 2030.


The Solution

To solve this budding crises, we have fabricated a patented cotton-based prosthesis made of recyclable cotton, sold under the brand name Canfem and is AIIMS-approved, making it ideal for cancer survivors. Our prosthesis is a better alternative than Foam based and Silicone based prosthesis, as they do not cater the problems of chronic backache, body weight imbalances, uneven drop in shoulders and random chest pain and are not budget friendly. We’re also planning to diversify further into comfortable, seamless and affordable mastectomy brassier for breast cancer patients.
We, at Saahas, submit that healthcare should be affordable for all. Project Saahas provides them with awareness about the disease and a simple, eco-friendly and affordable solution.