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India being one of the most populated country has got the maximum unemployment rate with people living in horrendous conditions. And the youth becomes the biggest untapped reservoir.Henceforth understanding the immediate need of the hour and working expeditiously towards depleting the unemployment graph was finally understood and brought to attention with introduction of Project Kaushal which is working along the lines of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana with an aim to provide skills to the youth across the country.Here comes in Enactus DCAC towards the cause, acting as sensitizers, incubators and even as an awareness body by setting up Skill Incubation Centres at various places which work in collaboration with various centres which formally train the targeted youth and which is later placed either in different companies. The project initially laid down in the Khampur Village, Near GT Karnal Road now has been expanded in the areas across Delhi with 4 new centres. The project through its Skill Incubation Centres thus aims to reach to each and every youth of the country and channelise their energy in to a productive direction.