"Pioneering a revolution in the skilling landscape of the country, through an innovative community driven model of a Skill Incubation Center, that aims to upskill the youth, while creating a self sustained business model."


The Need

1. India faces an accute skills crisis, with over 65% of its population being young, only 2% of them have the requisite formal training to acquire a job that fetches them a sustainable income.

2. While there have been skilling schemes put out by the government in the form of Skill India and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna(PMKVY), very few youth, less than 75% have the requisite information concerning the same.

3. There is still a tremendous gap between rural & urban areas pertaining to the availability of e-services & digital literacy facilities.


The Solution

"Pioneering an innovative community driven model of a Skill Incubation Center, where an entrepreneur mobilises people from the community to Skill Development Centers under PMKVY, in exchange for a mobilisation fee."

The Skill Incubation Center is set up in an area where there is high unemployement & is managed by a member of the community who has good hold over the same while having entrepreneurial ambitions. The entrepreneur at our center receives a mobilization fee for every person he mobilises to a our partner SDCs, which is approximately Rs.500-1,000 per person, depending upon the course he is mobilised to & the skilling partner per se.

Besides that, to tackle the rural-urban divide in access to technology, we use refurbished computers to provide e-services at the center and digital literacy classes to the youth.

All of these services combined enables our entrepreneur to earn a sustainable income of more than Rs.18,000 every month.



The project was rolled out in Village Khampur located on GT Karnal road in 2016, expanding rapidly to parts of Delhi- NCR such as Faridabad, Baljeet Nagar, Bhatti mines while also furthering its footprint in parts of states such as Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh.

To sustain the project, we shall be devising a franchise model called 'S- Raahi' to facilitate quick adoption of the same and ensuring rapid scalability.


Impact & Vision