Project Adhikaar 

"Adhikaar aims to empower women towards a sustainable livelihood, breaking gender stereotypes, and resolving the pressing issues of last- mile connectivity and women harassment by pioneering a non- polluting women driven commutation service"


The Need

1. The national capital has seen an enormous rise in the number of women harassment cases in the past 3 years, 67% of the same taking place in the commutation sector. This has resulted in the female labour force participation in India drop to lowest levels across the globe.

2. The presence of autos, metros & buses fail to satisfy the commutation needs for the masses due to a lack of a safe, affordable & accessible mode of last mile commute.

3. The air quality index in delhi has degraded to 30 times below the standard levels of the world health organisation, presenting an alarming and a grim situation for the national capital, the current modes of transportation being extremely polluting & damaging to the air quality.


The Solution

"Adhikaar pioneers women as the changemakers in the society, utilising electric vehicles to help in their upliftment by providing them with a sustainable source of income"

Adhikaar is a platform, a one stop shop for all e-vehicle needs, accommodating numerous manufacturers, micro-financers & trainers to help women become the drivers of change.

The project was envisioned to give women the freedom to choose between numerous e- vehicle manufacturers and microfinancers, assisting them to step into the commutation sector with e-rickshaws and e-bikes, while solving the problems of last mile commute, poor air quality & the rising cases of women harassment in the last mile commute, all in one go.



The pilot began initially in Trilokpuri, a riot affected region in Delhi, with the movement gradually spreading its wings to Govindpuri & Mundka in 2016-18.

To ensure the venture is sustainable, we shall organise our e-rickshaw drivers to form an 'Adhkaar trust', who will ultimately look after the procurement of their fellow counterparts, while also ensuring high scalability using a 'train-the-trainee' model.


Revenue Model



The Impact & Vision