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Amongst our other projects, Project Adhikaar has done tremendously well in the field of women empowerment. In a society that makes mockery out of women and their driving, project Adhikaar has taken up the initiative to flood in the transportation sector with women drivers. The project with its motivation to empower women to take up jobs which are highly male concentrated. The members of Enactus DCAC, with an innovative business mode brought E-Rickshaws out for women and they also knocked on manyunaware doors and pulled up many unprivileged women from under the veil of darkness into the realizing sun of possibilities. The project was initiated in the slums of Trilokpuri Area and now is spreading it wings to Delhi NCR and other states. These now women drivers were first, encouraged, taught, counselled to believe in themselves. The project with its three-fold impact is promoting an eco-friendly environment, is helping in making the transportation sector much safer for women and also is pulling many families out of their  misery.