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EnVironmental impact

The third pillar which holds the castle of Enactus DCAC is the consideration of theenvironmental aspect. In the modern world, every development is leading to the devastation ofthe natural environment. The business models of development are rarely eco-friendly evenwhen they claim to be. The world has become a concrete jungle where the wild only exists inlives of people and not a bit in the environmental surroundings. At Enactus DCAC,we createsuch efficient business models which support the environmental aspect of the country. We try tostay abide by the rules of natural law. We understand the importance of the environment and itsrole in the human life, the environment around a person defines the person's health. The airquality is declining every day, trees are being cut, ozone is dying and so is everything natural.But, at Enactus DCAC, everything we do, we give it severe importance that we do it in an eco-friendly manner, because we believe in the preservation of environment, we believe in thepreservation of humanity.