Economic Impact

The second pillar of Enactus DCAC is the economical way of finding solutions to the toughestproblems. Our country is in the grip of a lot of social evils, especially spreading over thebackward classes. At Enactus DCAC, we try to find the best and the most economical models tocurb these problems. We have taken the responsibility to be the stalwarts of development of thecountry. In a country like ours, it is a necessity to give priority and to give considerable amountof attention to the economy of the country. Our economy has always been at a constant declineand in the status quo it is rising but at a stagnant rate. We at Enactus do realize the importanceof it and so we try to work for the social backward classes in the most economic efficient wayswhich would not be a burden on either the social backward classes or the nation. Our secondpillar has a deepened foundation and stands strong and talk and we plan to take it to betterheights.