One of Enactus DCAC’s sustained project is the project “Adarsh Gram”. In this project,with the help of Mr. Dr Udit Raj who had adopted the village, members of EnactusDCAC decided to transform it into a model village. A model village was not just someproject for the team, it was a dream, it was about creating a dream village for peopleliving in the Khampur area. A model village for the team was an idea that would consistof some very basic and important facilities needed by the people living in these suburbs,like, formation of resident welfare association, opening up of a dispensary, cleandrinking water, waste management, sanitation, digital and cashless villages. Comprisingthese things together made the basic structure of the model village. But this is notwhere the concept of model village ended, there were a lot of other developments thatwere planned. A skill incubation center was set up in order to mobile the youth. Acultural center was also there, that worked towards ending caste discrimination. And alot of other such developments like, capital for small scale businesses, training indisaster management, construction of the roads and at some level beautification of thevillage. This was one of Enactus DCAC's sustainable project. People living in villages’walk on the paths of self-fulfilling prophecy, they believe if they are a part of thebackward society, then that's how it is supposed to be. But the project Model Villagebroke into this absurd prophecy and brought some real changes into the lives of thesepeople, motivating them into believing in something more powerful than prophecies, thatsomething being potential.